You have nailed it. I am fascinated by your analysis. You have been a good spiritual guide showing me both sides of life and learn to respect all aspects of life. I am growing as more I read your mail.  I am happy to hear from you and it gives me peace.

Rahul / July 2016

Delhi, India

​My Daughter was so filled with joy as she read our little Baby Girls birth chart Analysis.

I cannot say thank you enough for putting all the detailed information

together. The most personal gift that I could give them. Blessings!

M.  / March 2017

Grandma & Mother

I just wanted to say "thank-you" for the amazing astrology session I had with you a few months ago.

Many of the things that you read from my chart were not unfamiliar to me.

However, it allowed me a 'bird's eye' view of my life, gave me clarification, confirmation and has assisted me in making some effective Personal & Business decisions.

Thanks again! 

Lory / July 2016
Business Owner


A Client Wrote me as below:  after I explained that when I do Astrology, I put the 3 different methods together to give me Incredible Accuracy & The Supreme Surprises!:

Male, Construction Worker/Kitchener:   Came to see me because he was layoff. (Normal for some Industries with Canadian Winters)

He wanted to know when he will be working again.  I did the chart calculations & I gave the date of a Friday one month after the session.

He phone me this Friday morning to ask me what happens he didn’t have a sign of someone will hired him.  I saw and asked him to wait 2-3 days.  He was ok with that as it was not the first time I did chart for him.

Then, Saturday morning he called again saying;. After I talk with you yesterday I needed to go for a walk, I went to a European place (Highland Rd) where they have lots of good stuff, when there one of the staff gave me the phone as it was my wife telling me I need to come home immediately to pick up your papers!  I had a meeting with the owner of a company for a job at 4 pm in Toronto (at this time was 1 pm).  I went to the meeting and had a very relaxing enjoyable conversation for more than 2 ½ hrs .... then he asked me if I was ready to start working for him on Monday?

I said yes but there wasn't any paper signed or information.  Then smoothly on Monday papers were signed and the things were as I had said for him that this specific Friday he will know about the job and his boss!   I received a shock, and this what Astrology can give

​Also, I believe everybody needs to study astrology and do her own exploration.  Yes astrology is the ONLY method that gives DATES, Days and Months.  But the way I do the assessment is beyond traditional.  I don't have or use programs.  I love numbers and the calculation gives me the time to think know the hidden gems.

Astrology as I see is some kind of organization in relation with Timing and Potential.  If we have some richness we need to use to find solutions for the challenges, but if we don't, life will be more challenging and complex.

Yes, I love to work with Astrology, is my way to help people to find The Path and find the richness they have inside to feel more confident about themselves.     Norah, February 6, 2018

Thank you so very much for your reading today, it has been extremely enlightening and your advice is exactly what I have been needing in order to move forward with saying and doing a lot of things that I have been stalling with.  I thoroughly enjoyed every part of the information given on myself and my family and am actually looking forward to the future.

Lana / June 2016

The feedback is your prediction has come completely true regarding the Russian

Astrology course. It is a big hit

I am amazed as to how u predicted it


Saptarishis Astrology Magazine

M.  / March 2017

Saptarishis Astrology Magazine​

My daughter was hit by a ball playing baseball during the week that you said she would experience a life changing experience & She broke her leg. While a broken leg on its own is not life changing, her experience has her

looking for another job (which you had suggested would happen by the end of the year).

Also, You said part-time work would present itself in September or October and out of the blue then a company called and asked me to work. Wow, so great to know to handle preparation.

Tammy / October 2015