WELCOME from Norah’s AstroTarot 

August 2018

Hi Everyone, I’m so happy to introduce you to my new updated website.

Yes, it was a long time coming but things are quickly growing exponentially across the world.  

It was important for me to adjust things for that Growth, to positively help as many as possible. 

Besides, its always good to clean house and reorganize as things change.  Change is one of the things that are for certain!

My main home base is now Richmond Hill, Ontario but I am still working out of Kitchener 2 days a week (Mondays & Wednesdays) and for Workshops as scheduled in advance.  Phone & Skype sessions are still  effective, especially for other countries or over large distances. 

I am in France & Geneva, as well as, India a couple times a year or more.  Also, I will be giving talks at a few symposiums & Health Shows again in 2019.  I will add information about these as we get closer to the dates for your added information.  There will be other opportunities in the future so check back to my site regularly to keep up to-date on options & events including additional information to assist you in your journey....more to come!

As you can see;  I have added a few pages explaining in more detail the importance of Astrology & Ayurveda for Personal Life, Business and Career planning.  This can even give the possibility to organize things for a period of 5 or 10 years to give potential for best direction, path, timing and ways to find solutions to presenting issues.  

You will also see the options for Tarot Consultations and many new things.  I hope you enjoy exploring it.  Astrology can help people in general in all areas, including; Children, Teens & Adults experiencing difficult periods (crisis, career change, money finance, relationship issues) or just periods of transition or uncertainty. 

The only information I need from you for this is;  the Birth date and place of Birth, of each person, the business, the association or marriage etc. to do the charts.  

"If you are uncertain which type of consultation is best for you at this time,  a 10 minute complimentary consultation is available to determine best focus & approach to take."

Ayurveda is about the spirituality of the body, mind and lifestyle, core approach to life, routine etc. and how with small changes in certain areas you will improve your health, success and quality of life.

Classes in different levels of both types of Astrology, "Western or Indian Astrology / Eastern, Sidereal / Tropical Astrology are on-going with a new small group Beginner’s class about to start in September 2018. 

Note; there is Limited space available with Registration now.  Please contact me as soon as possible to ensure your spot. 

There is also a Marseilles Tarot Class at the Kitchener Location starting this fall – contact me to confirm details.

I Also wanted to let you know that, back by popular demand, is the Special Baby Pack Analysis.  This is nice for newborns as a special present from a relative or for a Baby Shower Gift - Good present for both Mom and baby.

Remember; as most sessions are private with individual information that require my deep focus and classes are very intense, please contact me by email and I will return calls accordingly. I don’t take calls during client sessions or classes. (Also a reminder that; all payments must be received 48 hours in advance by either PayPal or Email Transfer to ensure it's fully cleared before Appointments, Classes, Sessions or Consultations.)

To Book, Register or for any questions; please send them by email: [email protected]

LOOKING FORWARD to talking soon.



"Here to assist you with these Empowering Tools to manifest & improve the life!"