For Norah's Students

This is a collection of information that is fundamental to learn any form of Astrology.  I am sharing this information here to help all my students (past, present & future) who are serious about seeking and learning Astrology for their life, so they can refresh their memory at any time. 

I teach these fundamentals to all students to begin to know Indian/Eastern/Vedic Zodiac Sidereal Astrology and European/Traditional/Greek/Western/Tropical Astrology.  They both share some BASIC teachings in common such as:  The Signs, The Planets, and the Houses which are fundamental to all Astrology.

The Zodiac Sidereal and the Tropical were at the same sign point as each other, some 2000 years ago.  Today, they have a separation of 24 degrees in between each Sign, growing 72 degrees each year. 

The effect of the "SIGNS" can be a positive or negative in action, what does or causes the action and reaction in each sign.  The signs  are "in relation" to the ELEMENTS of Fire, Earth, Air & Water on that action.  For example:  Aries is Positive, Cardinal Fire, therefore ;s what makes the origin of that movement.

They can be Cardinal, Fixed or Double Signification.  The CARDINAL is the most important in showing what the action is that is occurring.  The FIXED in the sign doesn't want to move and in that moment stagnant or appear/feel stagnant.  The Double is interesting in that they have two/2 different significations inside with different possibilities or even combinations of effect.  This is what the Old Astrology tells us

With the time and discussions between astrologers...... this information is very old, more than 5000 years ago where the change in relation with values or philosophy of the practicing astrologer occurred.  Some stayed with the Fix Zodiac and others followed the movement of the Earth.  This was the time of the division between the two branches of techniques with some specific differences between the two schools.


The PLANETS are the ONLY players in the chart because they are the only thing that is moving.  They express the Power.  So the Power or Weakness of the Planets and their Hierarchy are important in the way they act in the Chart & Us.  The action and effect is in relation with each culture & mythology and position; including position in relation to what is currently around them, leaving them or approaching.


The Greek or Indian Astrology have similar mythology for similar planets.  The influence in the chart is the same.  For example; Mars is always the energy, war, and activity.  Jupiter is a magnifying glass to expand or increase what it touches.  Saturn brings restriction, rules and can hold things back or delay.

In Astrology, the Strength or Weakness of a Planet is in relation with the Position in the Sign.  This is what gives the hierarchy of the moment.  The Planet in a Sign that is the Ruler or Exalted/a position of powerful or successful influential effect or if in a Sign that is in Fall/a position of weak or less desirable effect.

Indian/Vedic Astrology has another Hierarchy that is not in European - the Moolatrikona.  

What are the Houses to us?  The houses are the divisions or parts of our life.  Same type of divisions as you experience in School, home, work etc. The Planets are always the same.  The Planets behave different in relation to where they are.  So I am the same but my personality changes in relation to the house/home i am in.  Am I in my house where I am in power or in the house of the other, in class, in church or at work.  In General; the "HOUSES" follow the Signification of the SIGNS.  For example; the 6th House is similar to the Sign of Virgo and the 10th house is the natural Capricorn.

When an astrologer receives the Birth Data, we need to put together the 3 significations ( which takes some time) to do an accurate interpretation of the facts.   The HOUSES also get the effect of the Active Energy & the power or effect from where we are coming from or where we are going to.  The transition from House to House and the effect of the Sign of the Moment, as well as , the effect from the Planets inside the sign & inside the houseOnce the astrologer looks at the Natal chart, you need to put it on top of the position of the "Transiting"  Planets who they are around at the moment and in the Future. 

This is the preparation work of the astrologer  BEFORE the consultation. This is where it is of most importance to look at the consequences of that active energy of the moment from the Planets & Signs on the House and how it affects Us in each area of our Being, our Evolvement & our Lives so we can make EMPOWERED Choices & Changes accordingly to improve the path & the life.

One other significant difference is the Representation on the Paper.  How the Chart is displayed or worked out in the two schools of astrology.  For example; In VEDIC/Eastern you take the SQUARE to lay out the Chart as was the same presentation in Medieval European Astrology method.  The Western Astrology has laid it out in a CIRCLE Chart for the last 300 years. 

This information is important as you prepare for doing the client charts.  See the Chart diagrams below that show this.   I will grow this student section over time to assist you as you prepare for sessions.

Enjoy & Explore - Norah

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"Ongoing Series of Information To Assist Students"

Remedies in Eastern Culture.  

"From The Etymology Dictionary"

What is Remedy?

From Etymology Dictionary, remedy (n.)

c.1200:  "cure for a disease or disorder; means of counteracting an evil," from Anglo-French remedie, Old French remede "remedy, cure" (12c., Modern French remède) and directly from Latin remedium "a cure, remedy, medicine, antidote, that which restores health," from re-, intensive prefix (or perhaps literally, "again;" see re-), + mederi "to heal" (see medical (adj.)). Figurative use from c.1300.

remedy (v.) c.1400, from Old French remedier or directly from Latin remediare, from remedium (see remedy (n.)). Related: Remedied; remedying.


Then - What we can do by ourselves to help to fix a problem in relation with health or other situation problem?  The only solution is to find the weakness: The Natal Astrological Chart can help to find it in a few minutes both the weaknesses and the strengths!

In the 1980 AFA convention, an astrologer from New York City had advised some clients to physically move out of the city during time periods, in general at the time of the Birth day for some days out the place where living when inauspicious vibrations are imminent.

Moving physically is not a panacea for every case, depends what type of event is impeding. Each event is symbolized by a planet, it's about relationships and interconnections between the planets, and is the astrologer task to interpret the stellar code correctly and with accuracy.

In our culture in America or Europe we have difficulty in considering mitigation as a serious alternative. Astrology takes care of the organization of Time and Space, witch is different for every person, talk about opportunities and difficulties, then change the dates of an event of change the place can help lot controlling the difficult influences.

Many people ask "Do Remedies Work? 

If it works use it, if it doesn’t work throw out" but sometimes try to do it, can help lot!

When I approach the subject of Mitigation or Remedies in my Astrology classes, I explain that we are going to go for a trip, we are going to change the boundaries of life ---  for that we need to take the first step in accepting that all things in our Universe are connected.  

For example: If I am seated in my car, my eyes are going around, looking at the buildings, the other cars, the other people walking etc.. Between the trees I can see the rays of the sun; this scene will stay permanent in my mind with the beauty of the sun light between the trees. Then I will see that everything is connected!  The cars the people, everybody is talking about the beautiful day, everybody feels beauty of the moment - all is interconnected.

Everything is connected in different ways, at this precise moment.  I was connected with the other people there having the same impression of beauty, same as our souls and our spirits are connected with a same interest, here was the beauty of the moment. Many of these perceptions are with the knowledge, other perception is with the intuition. The mind and the body know many things at the instinctual level, but the spirit doesn't pay much attention to natural knowledge because this action/moment may not be foremost in relation with the sprit's purpose.

This explains a little and helps us to understand why unconscious mitigation is proceeding all the time.  We are living in the rational occidental world, we educate ourselves to ignore the lesson of Earth thinking that existence depended only from our strong will. We need to review the necessity of using ALL parts or ourselves, mind, body, and Spirit in Harmony.

Those who do not believe in or know about the spirit, will be in disadvantage to understand astrology, looking for the reason "WHY", taking the mind for the spirit and working only with the mind, be sure the mind will fool you.

Me, as you, I resisted at the beginning, I was trained in a very logical mind, was a hard work until I learn how let go and shut up the mind.

In the old Hindu writing is says that Jupiter (the bigger planet) has an essence which permeates everything in the Solar System, in 1974 NASA scientist released a statement witch said that the presence of Jupiter is so powerful that his influence pervades every object in the Solar System.

Only the last years, western people start to accept the idea that what we consume intimately restructure what we are, we start the last years to look very careful what we are eating. We start to realize that our environment affect our thoughts, our balance and our physical welfare, us the weather of the negative influences.

For the Eastern people, is not only word and action that we need to be careful, but the very thoughts, because the beginning is thoughts not actions or words.

We have always experiences very difficult to explain, as to feels the presence of someone behind us, without having hear or seen his entry. We know that the world we see is only a perception.  Everything is changing, moving, everything is composed with vibrations, color, sound smell, touch, and everything is connected.

Mitigation or Remedies is not an attempt to change but modified, is a conscious use of the vibrations in order to move in tune with them. Even if the event is complicated the action is that to apply Remedies is a clear a simple way to improve the life.

If we know that our astrological chart is telling us that some of our planets are week, we can use colors or shapes to help to support or improve the strength or the planet.  For Example: We can use Red color to improve the strength of Mars, this is some remedy easy to apply. We need to be careful on Tuesday days - days of Mars, or with knifes, cars or other dangerous objects. 

If Mars is weak in the natal chart, will be a VERY good idea to do check up often about the blood, blood is the red element in our body, blood pressure, iron or other things with the Doctor because probably this will be a life long problem that we need to maintain under control.

Norah, Kitchener, From: Workshop - Friday September 13th, 2013   &


"To Improve the Quality and Longevity of Life with The Knowledge of Life!"

What is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is an ancient system of healing which has its roots in the Vedic knowledge of ancient India, going back 5000 years, and is similar to the Chinese system, the oldest healing system in existence. Ayurveda deals with the Nature, existence and purpose of life. Ayurveda has eight traditional limbs or branches: surgery, internal medicine, gynecology, pediatrics, ear, nose and throat, psychiatry, toxicology and geriatrics.  

It is considered "The Knowledge of Life".

"Ayur" means LIFE and "Veda" KNOWLEDGE; therefore Ayurveda is the Knowledge of Life.  Sometimes it is translated as the "Knowledge of Longevity", although longevity in this sense does not mean living longer, but living better.  According to this system each person’s life is a microcosm in the Macrocosm.

Ayurveda is an art of daily living from a practical, philosophical and spiritual point of view, with the understanding that each person is a unique being and that the foundation of personal health and happiness is a balance between body, mind and consciousness.

Ayurveda - body, mind and consciousness, work together in maintaining balance between the five basic elements; Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth.

This combination gives the 3 different Doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

 Vata is composed of Space and Air, and relates to movement

 Pitta is composed of Fire and Water, and relates to the metabolic system

 Kapha is a combination of Earth and Water which hold the cells together.

Ayurvedic approach to treatment of obesity for example:

In Ayurveda text, ‘Charakacharya’ has described eight ‘nindya prakruties’ (undesirable constitution) according to the body constitution.  Among them he has also mentioned obesity.

It is said that it is comparatively easy to help an underweight person, rather than an overweight person. The overweight problem can be due to an actual increase in the fat component (Meda Dhatu), or it can be due to some organ malfunctioning.

The body is made of 7 Dhatus: Rasa (Lymph), Rakta (Blood), Maans (Muscle), Meda (Fat), Asthi (Bones), Majja (Nervous System), and Shukra (Reproductive System). But in an obese person, Meda is excessively nourished, giving a complete imbalance to the Doshas and the remaining Dhatus get malnourished. Kapha gets accumulated in between, when Kapha increases in abnormal fashio. Fat metabolism gets hampered and person becomes obese with a very low Vata and Pitta.

Dietary correction will remove obstructed Kapha and let all Dhatus nourish equally. It is not only the quantity of food that is important, but also the combination between different foods and also the type of food one eats. It is not always necessary to go on a restricted diet.  the most important thing is to change food habits and lifestyles.

Prevention is better and easier than a cure. You must take precautions rather than follow treatment after an increase in weight.

It is always good to remember the following points from the Ayurveda tradition:

 Avoid excess eating, don’t eat until the previous meal is fully digested.

 The “normal” portion is what you can hold in your hand, (your hands together have the same side of the stomach).

 Avoid daytime sleeping; sleep at night and wait at least one hour after your last meal.

 Exercise regularly, like walking (the best), running, swimming etc.

 Avoid a sedentary lifestyle.

 Avoid eating excess sweets. Have low fat /skim dairy products.

 Avoid products like chocolates, ice creams, cheese, bread, sugar etc.

 Eat non-vegetarian food like chicken, fish, eggs, meats etc. moderated.

 Remove fat from meat and skin from chicken.

 Be careful with excess oil and ghee in cooking,

 Grill or bake food instead of frying; cook vegetables without fat by steaming and boiling.

 Be very careful with cheese.

 Don’t consume excess alcoholic drinks or water on an empty stomach.

 Avoid aerated drinks and excess water after meal.

 Intake of fat and carbohydrates should be restricted.

Ayurvedic approach to losing weight - How Ayurvedic diet works:

In reality, it is not a diet, but more a change in the lifestyle. The reason behind the name of my website!  So, I will explain briefly what an Ayurvedic diet is:

Primarily it is about digestion.

Digestion starts in the mouth, but we don’t really look at what kind of food we put in our mouth. We think we are eating healthy food, but we should ask, “What is healthy food For ME?”

Everyone believes tomato salad is good for health, and in general it is, but for me it is bad, really bad, because it is too acidic for my constitution.

Another thing that is bad for me is to put sugar and diary products together. Coffee with sugar is good and coffee with cream is good, BUT -  if I put sugar AND cream in my coffee, it is bad for me.  Why? Because my astrological chart has determined that it is an opposition between Moon and Venus and is not good for my Vata-Pitta constitution.

We need to start to give more time to consider what is the best food for us to put in our mouths!  We also need to give time for the Saliva to start digesting.! When we we send food to our stomach it is not ready right away, so problems start and digestion will be slow or result in other problems.

In Ayurveda, the stomach is the engine! It is like the gas tank in our car. From there, energy is going to the rest of the body. Our body has only two ways to obtain energy: from the food and from the air we breathe, Parana. Our body transforms the Food and the Air to maintain us in a good health.

The Three Dosha Constitutions:

Vata people need regular meals, warm nourishing foods, with warming spices and adequate amounts of healthy fats. No cold food, raw salads or cold drinks. They also need a lot of water (not coffee or tea or other drinks, simple water). Vata is dry constitution: dry skin, dry body. Stress is very bad for Vata people. Vata people must eat 3 or 4 times a day and not skip breakfast.

Pitta people should never skip meals or they may be irritable! They need regular meals cooked with plenty of dark green bitter vegetables, summer squashes, asparagus, green beans and not too much spice. Pitta people, because of their hot constitution, are the only group that can eat cold or ice food such as ice-creams. Many times they need to cool down their energy.

Kapha individuals are good-natured, stable and not easily stressed. They need movement, since they tend to be a little bit lazy with regard body movement. Kapha people are the only ones that can skip breakfast. Warming spices and foods are recommended as well as bitter leafy greens and fresh herbs. Cold drinks and raw salads should also be avoided. The best for them is to come back to the old way such as eating vegetable soup every day.

Most importantly, no matter which constitution, it is not only what we eat, but HOW we eat. We need to try to eat at the same time every day; our body needs a routine, for sleep, eating, work, exercise and fun, in order to maintain it in good health. No distractions such as; phone, newspaper, discussions, problems or work when we are eating. Eat slower and in a quiet place to help digestion.

Another very important factor is elimination. If our bowels are not clean everyday, we will not make room for new food, which will result in the accumulation of toxins. Poor elimination plays a big part in the origin of imbalances and diseases.

Exercise is fundamental no matter what constitution as well. The best is to start with walking, which is good for all 3 Dosha Constitutions. Kapha and Pitta can go with more hard exercises. Vata needs to be very careful with stress, and should go with slow movements such as Tai-chi, swimming, yoga. Pitta is comfortable with sport and like, Kapha needs really energetic sport such as jogging, running, etc

For Stress: To reduce stress it is good to practice meditation, chi gong, massages, breathing exercises.

The following Ayurvedic herbs help to detoxify the system:

"Triphala powder is good for all 3 Doshas." A combination of three fruits, it can be used daily for rejuvenation and detoxification, and supports the proper functions of the digestive, circulatory, respiratory and genitourinary systems.

Fennel removes mucus and fat from the intestinal tract, and is a natural appetite suppressant.

Fenugreek seeds burn fat and help absorption, cleaning the liver.

Curry, the Indian combination of powders, helps with sugar metabolism and to control cholesterol.

During a consultation with meI will give you recommendations best for you to choose between food, spices, oil for massage and exercises for your personal and individual percentage of Vata, Pitta and Kapha type constitution.

See me at [email protected] for your analysis to improve your health and quality of life. (Excerpts from: Workshop, June 28, 2005)


"To Make it Work For You"

When to open a new business or improve an existing business in relation with Numerology:

When we want to open a business we need to have all kinds of help to be successful.  The first important help and alignment we need to have on our side  is to count with the Universe Energies in order to find the best date. You need to consider In the choice of this date what will be the Destiny of the business. 

A business is like a baby, we need to take great care and think to the future.

The business is as a baby for the owner, the date of opening the business needs to match with the owners data. They both NEED to be completely compatible, The success of the business is the success of the owner.  Astrology and Numerology work together!

A difference with a baby vs the business is that we can more easily choose the date of the Birth of the Business than we can choose the birth for a baby.

Therefore what we can do to be sure about the success of the business is great planning? 

First it is necessary to be sure about what the potential or probable weaknesses can be seen for the business and the same potential of the owner.  The more knowledge we have at the beginning about the weaknesses, the more easy it will be to find and implement appropriate remedies. We need to know about the potential and the limits that exist for both.

For Example; Sugar has lot of potentials, but we can’t make Mayonnaise with it.

If we know the organization will have the weakness for something in particular.... we need to find the best ways to be organized in preparation for that OR take some other person to do the organization that will have a better inherent potential. If the issue is in the management of money that is the weakness, we need a good account to handle those things.  If it is the communication that is the weakness, we need a person with a greater ability and reality to take care of the communications.

The Banker J.P.Morgan says: "It is easy to be a millionaire, but to be a billionaire you need an astrologer!"

The year has a number built into it (ex. 2016 = is 9).  Nine is in relation with the planet Mars and will affect things in this way for that year and beyond if it is the birth year.  If the number of the coming year for you in relation to your birth, ie. If total for year you were born in is 2 – a Moon number, this is your year as 9 and 2 are compatibles. == 11 that gives 2 again.  All is compatible or working with the same energies.

The months has a number, February is 2, then it will be OK with 5 as it is growing. Then February will be the perfect date to start a business if your birth number is 5.

The day has a number as well so if we talk about 25 which becomes 7 (2+5) and then we need to take care of the hours of the day. The first hour of Monday is in relation with the Moon that governs Monday and in relation with the number 2. The first hour Tuesday is in relation with Mars and the number 3, etc etc.

Then first it is necessary to find the "Real Number" of the owner and then after that find the best moment of the year, month, day and time to open the business to ensure the best in each to have all the guarantees of success.

In Numerology we work with numbers, in Astrology we work with the planets in the same way so both are going to the same point.  We had 9 numbers and 9 planets. This is the work of the Astrologer/Numerologist.

In top of that, we need to look at the quality of the planets in the Astrological chart of the owner as well!  In case Mercury is Retrograde; we need to choose when mercury is retrograde in the time of the planning because the business will be in perfect match with the owner, giving opportunities to him when is bad time for others.

In general, The Moon signification is "Clients" in Numerology or in the astrological chart.  Then the Moon needs to be in a very good position in the Owners chart if the person would like to work with clients or service to the clients, Babies, or similar.  

Example; Jupiter the 3rd number, shows in Numerology as the planet of help. Therefore, we need to be friendly to help us when we need help. A Jupiter in a bad position will tell us the person is going to fight alone, without support and this will be a real problem when we need to ask the Bank for a Credit or similar situation.  International business, foreign people, high education, health, etc are ruled by Jupiter too.

Whenever a person would like to open a business, his/her chart needs to be strong in relation with the product or service in relation with the idea. For Example; A natural product such as flowers or decorations we need a good Venus, for Insurance or Law Services we need a good Jupiter, for Communications, telephones, advertising etc. we need Mercury in good shape. 

Every number is in relation with specific professions or careers.

If you would like to open a business or improve yours, maybe it will be a good idea to have the Astrological Chart of Yourself first and know when will be the best moment to open your Dream Business and to take the steps in relation with your potential and the product you would like to work with.

If you would like to try yourself --- here are the relationships between the planets and numbers.  (Example:  If you were born a Oct 16, 1972 your number will be the 9 = Mars.)

1 ......SUN





6. .......VEN.

7.........KET/ Neptune.



If you have any questions, You can contact me [email protected]

Nakshatra Progressions - Great Detail  (Norah's Article from Oct. 2016)

"Gives a Very Personal Search"  (Note: see the relation to now!)

Historical Example: USA chart, and Nakshatras progressions, is a very personal Search.

The chart I use is July 4, 1776 at 17.10 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, as an example to show this..

I say before if I consider to progress the elements of the chart at the speedy of 1 degree each year, the USA is in his 240 year, every element of the chart is exactly going to the eight house of the Natal Rasi position. Same degrees but 8 signs later.

2016 – 1776 = 240 years, a complete cycle will be 360 this tell me the country is in the 2/3 of the cycle that in the charts in general correspond to the 8th Houses.

This gave me the impression the Country is in a complete change/ transformation to a New Country.  It is a real Re-birth here and will be possible to apply all the knowledge we have in relation with the Houses and the Karakas. 

I am talking here more about the planets going to his 8th personal houses from the positions in Rasi, as the planet in Gemini going to Capricorn and change rulers from Mercury to Saturn, the young planets in Gemini under Mercury planet are going to have more wisdom and experience going to Capricorn.

The Nakshatras is going to give more details how the changes in this next 2-3 years are going to be. Everybody is talking about the 2020, the way of the Nakshatras will be the way/Path to go from where we are now to there, a new future reality.  For me this is same type of thing as putting the chart under a magnified glass.

The position of the planets, the degrees I give here are in relation with the Jagannatha Hora Software.  As Sunil ji says often; each program has different calculations. The chart is not here because I have some problems with the PC, but I think the majority of you know this chart.

The Asc/Lagna from Rasi 22*37’ Scorpio Jyestha, 2nd Pada – Me-Sat

Is going + 240 degrees 22*37 deg in Gemini.

Rasi chart has, Ma 1*47 Ge, Ve 13* 31’ Ge, Jup 16* 20’ Ge SUN 23* 44’ Gemini

Interesting…. The progressed Lagna is going in conjunction with the Sun of the chart !!!

Sun in the chart is the ruler of Leo the 10th House for a Lagna Scorpio.

Leo is related with the King or whatever is in Power, but is the sign of Creativity and Gambling, not the sign that use experience or knowledge….. then new times are coming.  This Sun in Gemini is moving to Capricorn 23* 44, Dhanista Naks=Mars, Sun Pada. Very ambitious Sa, Ma Sun MALE Pada.

***Interesting… in probably 4 years or so will be the possibility to have a Female in the government when Sun will go to Danishta Naks, Venus Pada.

The Moon of the chart going 240 *, the Moon=People is going from 7*34 Aquarius to Virgo 7*34, Where is Saturn at 25* Virgo. 7*34 Virgo is in Uttara Phalguni, 4th Pada Jupiter, then Sun / Jupiter Combination. 

This is what the people are looking for. That in 2 years 2018/19 with be in Hasta Moon Naks and Mars Pada we can see with others astrological methods too.  Moon is going to Virgo, ruled by mercury, The 6th sign in the Zodiac ruler of work, health and service.

People are more interested in Work, Health programs, Service community.

Venus, from 13*31 Gemini (plus 240*) is going to Capricorn 13*31 under Shravana Moon Naks and Venus Pada., Kethu is in the 16*, then in 2 ½ years, aprox Ve will be with Kethu Capricorn the natural 10 sign of the Zodiac is talking about governments, Saturn the ruled is Karaka of Work, Obligations, Commitments and Karma.  Mars, from 1 deg Ge in Rasi is going to 1*47’ to Capricorn, Uttarashada Naks. Sun, Sat 2nd Pada.

Remember, Sun is the ruler of the 10th house of the Rasi and the 6th by exaltation.  Mars progressed in Capricorn is very strong. Mars is the Will, the energy or the engine that makes us move with a focus or a goal. Mars can be the Army but in the Saturn Pada at the moment is not movement in this direction.  Mercury/R in Rasi at 4*36’ Cancer is going to Aquarius, 4*36’ Dhanista Naks=Mars, 4th Pada Mars.

Lot of talking, violent talking, at list for aprox 2 more years, until at 6*40 when will be in RahuNak Jup Pada. Moon in Rasi is a 7* Aquarius, then this Mercury in aprox 2 years will be with the Rasi Moon.  Aquarius is a Saturn sign, but Uranus the unexpected surprises Uranus has always something to say…..

Jupiter in Rasi 16*20 Ge moving 240 degrees is going to Capricorn 16*20 in Shravana Moon Naks and Near to change Pada, Now in Moon/Venus Pada going in 20 minutes de degrees (4 months after the birthday 2016, then after Oct 4th 2016) to the Mercury Pada then, for the elections period, this Jupiter will be in the Sharavana Naks and the Mercury Pada. What is logic, People are going to TALK. - Venus in Rasi 13*31’ Gemini, in Ardra, 7 years Venus is in Ardra Rahu Naks, I think is around this last 7/8 years the country is having all the economic problems? Rahu Venus is not the best combination.

I move now the 240 degrees in relation with the progression 1 year=1 degree and I find this:

Venus is moving to 13*31 Capricorn, is going to meet Rahu at 16* in around 3 years.  Maybe we need to wait 3 years to find a solid economical balance for the country?  If yes, this will do the cycle of 12 years what will be logic from the point of view of cycles in Astrology.

Then Venus in 12*31 Capricorn is Moon Naks Shravana and Venus Pada.

Saturn Rasi 25*12’ Virgo, moving to 25* 12 Aries Mrigashirsha Mars Naks. One of the most important significations of Karaka Sat is work, this last 2 years what people want is more work. The Pada where Sat is now is the 1st, Sun Pada and came in at 23*20 summer 2014.

Rahu Rasi at 16*59’ Cancer in progressions I move in the same direction that other elements, I don’t take the fact that Rahu and Kethu normal motion is Retrograde when I look this kind of progressions..

Then From Cancer 16* 59, the 240 degrees far is in Aquarius in the Shatablisha Rahu Nakshatra in the Jupiter Pada, something is really changed in the idea of future.

Interesting fact too that:  Neptune has been in transit since March 2016, Neptune the planet of Mirages, Addict ions, Illusions, Lies, this combination between Rahu and Neptune is very interesting, same if we are looking for the truth, clear, simple inside of the confusion. The next president 2016 for this country will need to bring new, new ideas, new methods, good or bad? In relation with the Karma of the people in the country.

Kethu Rasi at 16*59 Capricorn is going to Leo, Purva Phalguni Ve Naks, Me Pada, talking about economy organization, priorities and hard work.

Interesting coincidence?? Mandi (in Rasi) is at 18*34’ Leo, in 2degrees, 2 years, 2018 Kethu will be there.

"Article by Norah on October 30 2016"

If you have any questions, You can contact me [email protected]

The Banker J.P.Morgan says: 

"It is easy to be a millionaire, but to be a billionaire you need an astrologer!"