In an Ayurveda Session with Norah --- 

You can see Clearly the Health Potential in the the Astrological Natal Chart

* Find out about the HEALTH Imbalances in the Body/Mind Relationships.

* Discover your Unique-Body-Type-Personal-Constitution

​* Discover your Constitution balance and how to maintain it.

* Discover your ideal weight for your constitution..

* Discover your REAL you, your path and purpose

* Discover your relationship Body, Mind, Soul

* Discover the ROOTS of your actual Health situation.

* Discover HOW to Improve your Body, Mind, and Life .

This Ayurveda consultation will: deepen your understanding of your present state of being and learn how to maintain your health. 

***In a session with Norah; A Certified Ayurveda-Yoga Practitioner & Cert. Ayurveda Wellness Counselor and Nurse, with over 35 years of experience in holistic medicine

will help you to understand how your Body-Mind function. 

Remember: the Mind CONTROLS the Body, If you control your Mind you CONTROL your LIFE.

What you think & What you Believe is what reality you live.

***Norah will assess our health constitution type (V.P.K. Doshas – % combination) and 

Will take a traditional Jyotish Ayurvedic reading in order to detect the CAUSE of Imbalances 

BEFORE they develop into more significant concerns.

              Type of Recommendations:

* Dietary information – food to introduce, reduce or avoid entirely.

* Your specific BODY constitution: Vata, Pitta, or Kapha Dosha

* Lifestyle Education – Sleep, Weight Management.

* Cleansing Programs in relation with your Personal Constitution.

* Stress reductions techniques (to stop the Movies in your Mind…)

* Yoga postures for your Type

* Breath exercises to reduce Stress.

* Herbal and tea recommendations.

You will find yourself at the end of the session with: an EASY to follow, LIFESTYLE GUIDELINE 

to help you to restore your personal balance and enhance your body’s own healing process.

"If you would like to do your Ayurvedic Chart, 

to know the origin (THE ROOT of the Unbalance and the Solution)

or your actual health situation, Please Contact Me."        Norah