Indian Astrology for the WESTERN Mind

Jyotish, Naadi, Ayurveda, Vatsu Consultations

By:  NORAH, Jyotisha Shiromani

NOTE:  Consultations are in Person, by Phone or Skype 


Option 1:  Personal Program - Natal General Life Reading 

  • If this is your first time with me..... you need to take at least one hour to know in the detail in general
  • This will address - Time, Family, Relationships, Health, Money, Work and Happiness.
  • A General look at your areas of best potential and identify potentially difficult periods
  • Where are you going and potential development in your Life.

Option 2:  ​Personal Spiritual Growth, Karmic Chart / 2 hrs needed

A deep look the esoteric information in the chart, helping to find the spiritual purpose and path, the connection with the higher self, past lives and future growth. Your Gifts and challenges, Discovering Your Soul Mission.


Option 3.  Personal Financial Reading / 2 hrs needed 


Your personal Money,  your actual and future situation for Potential improvement.

To determine when is the best time to make changes or times it is better to be careful?



Option 4:  Mentoring for Teachers/Coaches/Practitioners/Healers/Bus. / 2-3 hours 




Option 5:  Relationship Compatibility Reading

-  both charts plus the relationship chart is needed

- Special Combo Reading -  Generally at least 2 - 3 hrs is needed

  • Will this new relationship be fruitful or lasting
  • Matrimonial issues & blind spots
  • Analysis of potential partner compatibility for marriage or partnership
  • What can be done to improve the actual relationship - Marriage, Life, Couple etc
  • How to handle easier the difficult times: Divorce, Separation, Loss etc.

NOTE:  To do this type of reading, we need the birth information of both, including the Data/Time of the Two People.  We can always do the Birth TIME Rectification to get the birth data 

(When we don't have an accurate time of birth it is possible to go back in time and find it in relation with 3 important events in the life of the person:  marriage, birth of children, surgery, moving, date of the first work, certifications or some other important event in life, however it takes more time to assess.) 

Option 6:  SPECIAL ORDER - General Current Year Forecast 

- Timing, detail month by month / only for returning clients.

  • To have an accurate information about Path/Life direction in advance for the year per month & season
  • This is the PERFECT search when you are looking for: Change, Moving, Marriage etc (It is always in relation to what you are looking for this year.)
  • You need to know where you need to FOCUS for that period.  (ex. what is most important first, love, career, money, health, happiness, family, work?
  • Can be an ADD ON in additional to one of the other Options!

OPTION 7:  SPECIAL ORDER & Search -  The 108 Paths 

  • A deep look at the esoteric information in the chart
  • Ideal to helping find the spiritual purpose and path, the connection your higher self, past lives and future growth
  • Your Gifts and Challenges
  • Discovering Your Soul Mission
  • How to Use Astrology to Create the Life You Want

OPTION 8: SPECIAL ORDER - Relocation: Astro-Cartography 

  • Where is the better location for me to live in the World? is always in relation what you are looking for: Love, Career, Money, Health, Happiness, Family & Work.
  • Events / Horary / Muhurta (Auspicious timing)
  • (ex. It is a good time for: Marriage? New Job? buy a house? Have a Baby? Move to another country? open a business? etc.)

OPTION 9:  SPECIAL ORDER -  Baby Chart Package

  • As a Baby Shower Gift or for the Parents that are looking for the Potential, character or constitution to help with the vocation & guidance.​
  • Education, Nutrition, Health & Personal Constitution (Ayurveda), Behavior.
  • Career Potentials, Investment and Finance 


In Depth Horoscope for the whole year, all areas, auspicious periods & timing / 2-3 hours

  • Actual money and future situation. Potential earning
  • Investments and Periods you should be careful, Strategy.
  • Includes reading

OPTION 11:  SPECIAL ORDER - Corporate/Business:  

Your Business/Career Chart - (Special Session included)

  • When is the BEST time to Open a Business in relation with your Own personality? 
  • Is it good for you to take on associates or not?
  • It is the moment for expansion or better wait?
  • It is good to hired people or make important changes in your Business Organization?
  • This is always in relation your personality, ie. if you are the ONLY OWNER or the influence of the combination.

* NOTE: If more than one owner,  we need to look ALL the Owners Charts, as well as, the chart of the business or association in combination.  (Know this will require more time according to the number involved.)

OPTION 12:  SPECIAL ORDER - Events Focus Chart for One:  Horary / Muhurta (Auspicious Timings)

  • One Chart Analysis for in Depth Planning with focus on auspiciousness for new paths, projects or changes in life.

OPTION 13:  TUTORIAL - Personal  AstroTarot Student Sessions

  • Tutorial Sessions are for my students or those who would like guidance analyzing horoscopes
  • Will also qualify for Tutorial Sessions if you have inquiries on understandings relating to technical methods in Vedic or Western Astrology after having a chart session with me in Vedic or Western Astrology.
  • Send an email with your request/inquiry if interested in a Tutorial Session.


- CURRENTLY Wednesday mornings with Students in Europe, France and Spain (by Skype in French Language )

- You will receive all the charts by email for the training & consultation including the charts the day BEFORE the Sessions when they are by phone or Skype

- Sessions in Person:  You will receive & take the Charts with you at the time of the training / consultation



If you are Looking for Astrology or Astrological TAROT Classes?

Please contact me at my email: [email protected] or [email protected]

IMPORTANT: Payment by: PayPal or e-transfer to be received 48 hrs BEFORE the Sessions