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There are many types of consultations for different purposes to benefit you, your situation, health, wealth, relationships, business/career, karmic issues and spiritual path to enlightenment. Both Astrology and Tarot tools can be used in combination for consultations.

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Courses are available in all levels of both Western & Eastern/Indian Astrology, Tarot, Feng Shui and Ayurveda in different locations as well as Phone & Skype. 1 and 2 day Workshops are also available to register for. Please check with me for Upcoming Events. Classes are kept small to be able have a more detailed & focused learning environment.  

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Norah provides the Monthy Horoscope for a number of Magazines & Organizations. 

As an additional benefit each month they will be available here.  Although these are a couple general summary points per sign, it will give you an idea of what to watch for. Enjoy!!!

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In Brief...Some of the Differences: 


In relation with Astrology, my students and anyone looking for information in the internet are having a lot of confusion in relation to signs and accurate information.  People who are reading and don’t have a full understanding what Astrology really is are very confused with the information presented, as many times it is contradictory.  It is the same when to speak in 2 languages, ex. French and English.

The 2 systems where at the same position some 2000 years ago, they are separating by 72 Degrees every year, soon we are going to have 2 different signs in superposition.  This is the 2160 year cycle.  Astrology has 2 different schools:  Tropical or Western Astrology and Sidereal or Eastern Astrology.

Between the 2 methods there is approximately 23 degrees difference.  The sidereal that is fix is in relation with the FAR position of the Stars and the Tropical that is in relation with the movement of the Earth and the procession of the Equinoxes.  So the difference shows in the signs ex. sometimes in tropical astrology when we are Leo, in Vedic it can be Cancer.

The relationship between the planets are the same in the chart in both charts, but the meaning of the planets will change because the rulers between the schools are different.  The aspects are the same, ex. the sixth is always the same, the trines/trilonas etc etc, but the meaning changes when the rulers of the sign change.

At this moment the action in a Vedic chart in general is in 2 elements, Fire and Water.   We all know that in the Earth the big changes are between Fires, Earthquakes and Flooding, as well as, between the people regarding the violence and feelings/emotions.

Mars, the planet of the energy is at this moment in her more powerful position in the Vedic system as Mars is Exalted in Capricorn.  This same Mars in Western is going back and forth in Aquarius ruled by Saturn.  As you remember the signification of Mars is energy and aggression, Mars is the God of War.

For 5 years I was doing every chart in both of the 2 ways/schools, Western and Eastern, to compare which of the presentations was more accurate.  In my case, and for me, I find the Vedic gives me more information.  Vedic is based in the Moon and is better when the person is a woman.  The moon rules the Mind.  This is where the origin of every action we do comes from.  Form or action follows thought.


The Western astrology is based in the Sun.  We look to the zodiac in relation to where the sun it is located.  If it is in Capricorn, for example, we say we are Capricorn.  However, looking in the Vedic method, we can be Capricorn with the Moon in Aries, then, we are Aries.

I would like when others are posting information on Astrology in the internet/media, if they clearly tell us which one they are talking about to make it clear for everyone --- Western or Vedic.  Some Astrologers do but many don't.  It does make a difference in understanding.

If you like to learn about astrology or what your Real Sign is & how you can learn more about you and your chart or potential in One or Both of the Systems;  Please Contact me at to discuss further: Email  [email protected]

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